Petra Maria has a BA in Photo, Video, and Computerized Image Processing Department within the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania. Her works were exhibited in well known galleries in Bucharest and London. This year one of her works will be displayed at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum, in a group show of international artists.
Petra Maria: I wish I could say that photography is a deeper issue, that it is portraying the feeling of invisibility and incompatibility with the rules of universal society. I am trying to emphasize the affinity between the human and the object and to concentrate on illustrating that visual element that distinguishes us from the environment in which we live.
My favorite work is the one where I am on the couch in the small room of my grandfather’s “studio”. But I choose the places depending on how comfortable I feel, that’s why most of them are made either at home or in more secluded places, such as on the beach of Olimp resort before the start of the season, at 6 am.
Carmen Iovitu, curator, art critic: Looking at Petra’s photographs one discovers metaphorical, experimental compositions, portraits of an anxious and troubled society. Her photographs describe episodes of some escaping moments from the real life by immersing herself in the surreal stage of photography. Her compositions are fresh, exciting and show a unique “voice” in Bucharest’s art scene.



Bucarest, Romania

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