With a keen eye for extracting the extraordinary from the mundane and with an unquenchable drive to keep discovering, the elusive Romanian photographer behind the *Zooming Dynasty* visual project currently residing in Shanghai, is constantly on the prowl for the next breathtaking cityscape or the right angle to capture a fleeting moment of a story worth telling.
From vibrant urban vignettes that capture the roaring pulse of the citadel to motionless campestral pastels that might as well be hand-painted, this roaming artist is consumed by his commitment to his calling.
Against a multifaceted background reminiscent of a wide palette of ever-changing scenery, locations, and subjects, the scope of this particular artist’s pursuit becomes evident to the persistent spectator: it is an endless quest in search of not the perfect location, nor the most impeccable composition, and least of all of the ultimate photographic product, but rather constantly chasing ephemeral moments that might convey human emotion to the viewer, akin to the futile endeavor of reproducing and delivering sound or scent by means of an image, and only slightly more attainable than it.
Shrouded in anonymity and going to lengths to avoid public attention, the artist allows his work to speak for him and tell the story of his journey in ways that cannot be matched by mere articulated speech.


Zooming Dynasty

Shanghai, China

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